WolfClock 3.5

Clock with support for backgrounds, personalized tones and songs


  • Unlimited alarms
  • Cool background images
  • Highly customizable interface


  • Set-up menu is a bit fiddly

Very good

If you're someone for whom time is always of the essence then you may want to install WolfClock on your Pocket PC.

WolfClock is chiefly a clock skin for your device, but its impressive functionality means that it's more than just a pretty face. The application allows you to set up an unlimited alarms, each with a tone that can be chosen from those built into the program or by selecting a music file stored on your device. There are lots of alarm options included in WolfClock, including a nap alarm and a snooze alarm. The great thing is that these alarms will sound even if the program isn't running.

What's more, WolfClock includes a music player, which despite being very primitive in terms of its design and features, is useful for using to play your music while you fall asleep.

What I liked about WolfClock is that it's completely customizable, allowing you to change the colors and fonts as well as applying a background image to the clock face. You can choose from a range of cool background images or link to your own, and these can even be rotated using the 'shuffle' mode.

The set-up menus are a little cumbersome, but overall WolfClock provides an attractive and efficient way of telling the time on your Pocket PC.



WolfClock 3.5

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